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We are a recognized leader of board-level solutions for embedded systems and offer the most extensive range of carriers, adapters and development tools that facilitate the engineering and/or testing of PMC/XMC mezzanine boards or to enable their integration within a variety of system platforms such as OpenVPX, VME and standard PCI Express (PCIe).


Basic CMC Extender for PrPMC, PMC & PMC-X (4320)

Basic CMC Extender for PrPMC, PMC & PMC-X (4320)

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Basic CMC Extender for PrPMC, PMC & PMC-X

The Technobox, Inc. P/N 4320 Basic CMC Extender PMC, PrPMC, or PMC-X is a development/diagnostics tool that permits the extension of a module beyond its chassis or carrier. By extending the board, one has access to bus and I/O signals for probing, measuring, etc. Four break-out headers with 0.1-inch grid pins on the body of the board (JP1, JP2, JP3, and JP4) pick off the bus signals and rear I/O signals on JN1, JN2, JN3, JN4 mezzanine connectors. Signal names are clearly labeled on the silk screen legend for PCI application and ease of use. The 4320 supports both 3.3 volt and 5.0 volt signaling.