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Technobox FPGA Migration Tool
The Technobox FPGA Migration tool is designed to ease the transition of an FPGA design between selected pairs of Technobox products (listed below) by automatically updating the Quartus II (QSF) file. 

Quartus II stores it's pin numbering, device, and project settings in a Quartus Settings File (QSF) text file.  Changes to the QSF file are reflected within the Quartus II project.  Therefore by simply changing the data in the QSF file, parameters such as pin numbers can be easily updated.  The next time the project is compiled, these updated parameters will take effect.

The FPGA Migration tool will update an existing FPGA source QSF file to the new product and indicate areas that may require design updates to operate properly.  The FPGA Migration tool will only make changes to the QSF file.  These changes include items such as pin numbering and device.  Any design updates required to operate correctly on the new product are the responsibility of the user.

Currently supported migrations:

P/N 2674 to P/N 4289
P/N 2372 to P/N 6070

Download the self-extracting archive and follow the installation instructions.

FPGA Migration Tool
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