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COTS products, mezzanine cards & engineering design. PMC/XMC boards, carriers & adapters for OpenVPX, VME & cPCI. Providing contract manufacturing!

Technobox, Inc. attending Mid-Atlantic Design-2-Part Show 2019 in Oaks, PA - 8/13/19

For over 40 years, Design-2-Part Trade Shows have provided American job shops and contract manufacturers the opportunity to meet face-to-face with OEM engineers and buyers who need their services and expertise. REGISTER FOR FREE

BUILD IT YOUR WAY! 8-16 Port Configurable Async Product Family! - 6/25/19

The Technobox, Inc Conduction-Cooled RS232/422/485/GPIO Asynchronous Communication Adapter product family features the XR17V358 controller and can support up to 16 UART based ports at RS232, RS422, and RS485 electrical levels. Ports may be manufactured to support Digital I/O.

As a result of the adapter’s architecture, millions of unique combinations of I/O signaling levels can be quickly realized. By selecting the appropriate port configuration and termination, the specific custom configuration can be created to meet your requirements. Once a custom configuration is specified, a Technobox, Inc. orderable part number will be assigned to identify the configuration and make the product easy to re-order. LEARN MORE

Now Providing Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services! - 6/7/19

A recognized leader in the board-level solutions industry for over 30 years, Technobox, Inc. enters the electronic manufacturing market to fulfill an increasing demand for smaller, US-based production facilities that can accommodate complex, low-volume jobs with precision and quick turn-around. As your trusted supplier, we prioritize product quality and customer satisfaction above all, while servicing the full-spectrum of contract manufacturing needs from kitted to turn-key. You request – we respond!

Located in West Berlin, NJ, Technobox, Inc.’s talented engineers and production staff offers extensive OEM industry experience with years of component and PCB supplier relationships – providing over 175,00 boards to prominent defense, aerospace and industrial automation clients such as: Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. ISO 9001:2015, VITA and IPC610 certified, our environmentally-controlled facility includes ESD flooring, positive pressurization and an in-house database specially tailored to electronic manufacturing. We handle both leaded and RoHS assembly, as well as conformal-coating and on-site functional product testing. GET A QUOTE

Upgrade your P/N 4289 to the NEW P/N 9136 "Tech Refresh" today! - 4/17/19

The Technobox, Inc. P/N 9136 offers current 4289 users an easy way to upgrade their technology in legacy designs. All pin functionality has been retained in the 9136. A separate migration tool is provided in order to assist in renumbering the FPGA balls. The “Tech Refresh” 32-channel reconfigurable RS422/RS485 digital I/O PMC provides a vehicle for implementing complex user-specific digital designs requiring a differential interface. This product is a third-generation design derived from the P/N 2674/3353/4289 products and provides identical features including 64b/66 MHz PCI bus support, up to 66MHz local bus clock and double the local SRAM.

All the features of the 2674/3353/4289 boards have been incorporated into this new product, enabling customers easy migration for existing applications. The product uses an Intel “Cyclone V” FPGA in a 484 Fine-Line FPGA. The Intel 5CGXFC4C6F23I7N is the default FPGA on the P/N 9136 design. Older generations offered larger FPGA options to customers to increase available I/O. Due to the size of the 5CGXFC4C6F23I7N, this will no longer be necessary. The design features a total of 32 general-purpose RS422/RS485 driven digital I/Os wired to both the front-panel and rear PN4 connector (64 signals per connector taking into account 2 signals per differential pair). For each of the 32 channels, the bidirectionality controlled by an output from the FPGA. MORE INFORMATION

Fresh Website, Brand-New Products & 30 Years of Service! - 2/18/19


Technobox, Inc. 30th Anniversary - 2/12/19

Founded 1989 in southern New Jersey, Technobox, Inc. quickly gained notoriety for its exceptional COTS (Custom Off-The-Shelf) products and remains a recognized leader in the board-level solutions industry for the past 30 years. The company’s infancy focused on a variety of product initiatives such as the FutureBus+. While not initially fruitful, these early research efforts sparked the design & development of what remains Technobox, Inc.’s most successful product line – the PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card).

In 1995, the company introduced its initial PMC product line including Universal Video Interface. The early success quickly expanded into async interface modules and transition panels – as well as the development of PMC adapters, extenders & converters spanning a diverse range of markets including defense, industrial control & transportation. Based on the PMC products’ success, Technobox, Inc. began XMC (Switched Mezzanine Card) development in 2009, producing several products utilizing this technology. Virtually all successful PMC products were migrated to XMC – demonstrating our dedication to customer service and willingness to adapt to changing technologies. READ MORE