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Technobox, Inc. 30th Anniversary - 2/12/19

Founded 1989 in southern New Jersey, Technobox, Inc. quickly gained notoriety for its exceptional COTS (Custom Off-The-Shelf) products and remains a recognized leader in the board-level solutions industry for the past 30 years. The company’s infancy focused on a variety of product initiatives such as the FutureBus+. While not initially fruitful, these early research efforts sparked the design & development of what remains Technobox, Inc.’s most successful product line – the PMC (PCI Mezzanine Card).

In 1995, the company introduced its initial PMC product line including Universal Video Interface. The early success quickly expanded into async interface modules and transition panels – as well as the development of PMC adapters, extenders & converters spanning a diverse range of markets including defense, industrial control & transportation. Based on the PMC products’ success, Technobox, Inc. began XMC (Switched Mezzanine Card) development in 2009, producing several products utilizing this technology. Virtually all successful PMC products were migrated to XMC – demonstrating our dedication to customer service and willingness to adapt to changing technologies.

The Micro Mezzanine System (MMS) product concept was introduced in 2008 and awarded U.S Patent 7,539,026 the very next year. The Technobox, Inc. MMS line enjoyed several years of great success – so much so that Patent 7,539,026 and all its related goods were acquired by Abaco Systems in 2016. Three decades later, Technobox, Inc. boasts a DEKRA ISO 9001:2015 Certificate 111746.00, and continues manufacturing innovative solutions for engineering and/or testing PMC and XMC mezzanine boards, or enabling their integration within system platforms such as OpenVPX, VME and standard PCI Express (PCIe).