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CAGE:  0X0D1

NAICS:  334418 and 334419
SIC:  3577 and 3679

FSC:  5998
PSC:  5998




Company Mission
To provide off-the-shelf PMC designs and products for a core PMC product line. Address custom PMC applications as derivatives of this core product line in order to quickly and cost effectively satisfy specific customer requirements with off-the-shelf products and custom designs.
PMC and XMC Product Focus
Emphasis is placed on PMC and XMC products.
Technobox is a market leader in providing PMC and XMC development tools for those companies wishing to develop proprietary Mezzanine Card solutions. A variety of products are available for adapting/extending/interrogating PMC or XMC hardware.
Those companies who are interested in out-sourcing the development of PMC or XMC modules to satisfy a particular application should consider Technobox's capacity as a design service. We also may be able to adapt our line of mezzanine modules and carriers to suite particular custom requirements.
Company History

● 1989 - Technobox established with focus on contract design

● 1991 - FutureBus+ product initiatives, leading to PMC design and development

● 1995 - Initial PMC products introduced, including Universal Video Interface

● 1996 - PMC line expansion with addition of async interface modules and transition panels

● 1997 - Introduction of PMC adapter and extender development tools, A/D converter cards, and reconfigurable digital I/0 modules

● 1998 - Ongoing PMC product development and product introductions, including expansion of async module designs, Ethernet adapters, SCSI and IDE controllers, advanced reconfigurable I/0 designs, and increasingly more sophisticated tools

● 2002 – Introduction of industry’s first x86-based Processor PMC (PrPMC)

● 2004 – Fifteenth Anniversary of Technobox

● 2008 – Introduction of Technobox Micro Mezzanine System (MMS)
● 2009 – Technobox awarded U.S. Patent 7,539,026 for Technobox Micro Mezzanine System (MMS). Sold to Abaco Systems in November 2016.
‚óŹ 2014 – Technobox Marks 25 Years providing board-level solutions and tools for embedded systems

Commitment to Quality
Over the course of several years, Technobox has developed a core set of suppliers for design, assembly and components to insure quality manufacturing and on-time delivery of products.

Member Company of VMEbus International Trade Association -- VITA

Member of IPC

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