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Industries Serviced

COTS products, mezzanine cards & engineering design. PMC/XMC boards, carriers & adapters for OpenVPX, VME & cPCI. Providing contract manufacturing!


Technobox, Inc. has an extensive history of designing and manufacturing various embedded products for use in a wide range of military and aerospace applications. Typical uses include: Intelligence, Surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR), Command, Control, Communications, Compute (C4), RADAR, LIDAR, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT), Simulation and Guidance. Our boards are used in systems designed by major defense contractors including Raytheon, General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin.


Embedded computing is critical in todays automated world. From systems that control driver-less freight trains and automatic number plate recognition systems to ticketing solutions and flight control information systems. Transportation agencies rely on information from networks of traffic and surveillance cameras and our products help with those processes including: enhancement capabilities, advanced video analytics and video search management systems that monitor traffic or track assets in real-time.


Technobox, Inc. designs and manufactures products used in applications by companies servicing the energy industry. Our boards enable secure and efficient solutions in the energy market for applications ranging from central control computers to distributed sub stations in the field. Embedded systems using our products can be installed throughout the energy industry in areas such as: oil/gas, wind, solar, bio-gas, power plants and smart grids.


We provide a wide variety of embedded computing components for industrial and automation solutions such as rack-mounted, modular applications requiring a large amount of I/O capability. Typical applications include production/industrial control, data centers, semiconductor process equipment and optical instrumentation.


Technobox, Inc. supplies boards and additional equipment to many worldwide scientific institutions which assist in ground-breaking discoveries and research. Some applications include particle acceleration and detection, electron storage, anti-matter investigation and synchrotron research.