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VxWorks Tools

TboxVxWorksUtil utilities provide functions that display PCI Bus information & assist with configuring the PCI Bus.


The TboxVxWorksUtil utilities provide functions that display PCI Bus information and assist with configuring the PCI Bus. These utilities are broken down into two groups. Those that display information about the PCI Bus and those that assist with configuring the PCI Bus. These utilities are designed as debugging aids only. They are designed to show the configuration of devices on the PCI Bus, aid in debugging PCI Bus problems and assist in configuring the PCI Bus. They are not intended to be a run time application. It is recommended to use the output from the utilities to configure the devices in the BSP.

Prior to compiling the utilities, the user must edit the config.h file and change the PCI address definitions and PCI configuration space access macros. You can search for TODO in the config.h file for the sections that must be updated. The PCI memory and I/O space starting and ending values must be updated to reflect the actual base card values. The utilities use these values when configuring bridge chips and BAR registers to determine valid values. The values that should be programmed are the actual beginning and ending address of the memory region. For instance, if you have 0x100000 bytes of memory starting at 0x400000 (0x400000 - 0x4FFFFF) you should program 0x400000 for the starting address and 0x4FFFFF for the ending address. In addition to the address, the user can configure the cache line size and latency timers for all the chips the utilities configure.

The configuration space macros convert the configuration calls into the functions supported by the user's BSP. Different BSP's use different names for the configuration space access functions. These macros allow the user to quickly convert the utilities to the user's BSP. Verify the name and order of the parameters. For Motorola and Force BSP's you should be able to choose appropriate macros.




  • TboxUtilPciAddr( ) - Specifies the PCI I/O and memory space ranges
    TboxUtilPciBusShow( ) - Display information for all the PCI Chips
    TboxUtilPciBusConfig( ) - Configure all the Technobox, Inc. adapters on the PCI Bus
    TboxUtilPciBusVerify( ) - Verify correct programming of all the PCI Chips
    TboxUtilPciBusMemory( ) - Display a sorted list of memory for all the PCI Chips
    TboxUtilPciBusDump( ) - Dump configuration space for all the PCI Chips
    TboxUtilPciBridgeConfig( ) - Configure a single Bridge on the PCI Bus
    TboxUtilPciDeviceMemoryShow( ) - Display memory allocation for a single PCI Chip
    TboxUtilPciEnableIoAccess( ) - Enables PCI I/O access to the specified PCI Chip
    TboxUtilPciEnableMemAccess( ) - Enables PCI memory access to the specified PCI Chip
    TboxUtilPciRevision( ) - Print revision of the utilities